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Week 15 - The Failure of Kings, and the Rise of Prophets

I can’t help but notice how many of the kings are known for doing what was evil in God’s sight! It is almost all of them with only a few precious exceptions.

When I read these accounts I am reminded of the simple principle of how much leadership and modeling matter. We all have influence, whether we accept it or not. There are always people following behind us in our footsteps, learning from our example. The kings of Israel largely fail in their duty to live as an example of following God’s example. Instead, they are very successful in making Israel more like the nations around them, surviving by war, commerce, and oppression of the weak by the strong. As the king goes, so goes the nation.

None of us are kings, but we all have influence. So, I go back to the question again, what is the example that I am setting in my personal life? What is the way of life that I am shaping others to live, not by intentional teaching, but by the simple fact that I am living it?

At the same time, I am grateful that God does not stake the future of his people solely on the performance of the king. God does not remain silent even when his people are! During the era of the kings is where we also see the rise of the prophets. Peppered throughout the cycle of kings are God’s chosen and called spokespersons. They challenge and rebuke the choices and values adopted by the people and their kings. They call the people to return to the Lord, forsaking their evil ways.

This is good news to me. It reminds me that while the example of my life absolutely matters, it is also true that God is not silent. God speaks, through his word, through the lives of people in our lives, so my question is, am I listening?


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